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A popular Brickarms Premium, the Brickarms Energy Pistol

Brickarms Premiums are special edition products that are only available through certain resellers, the most prominent being ToyWiz. Brickarms Premium items are often much more rare than other products, and, therefore, cost more than regular items. Brickarms Premium items include:

  • Brickarms Over-molded Needler
  • Brickarms Over-molded Energy Pistol
  • Brickarms Chrome Plated Items (Loose and in packs)
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    Chrome plated Brickarms MGL

  • All of the Brickarms Trans Loose Items                                                

On ToyWiz, Brickarms Premium cost about $20.00 in packs, and $3.99 by themselves. However, the Needler and Energy Pistol cost $24.99 and $19.99. There are also WW1-WW2 Over-moldeds from $4.40 

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